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February 25, 2018, 04:30:32 PM

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13 Oct 2012 - tabeo Features

Tabeo is a fun, safe and innovative learning tablet created just for kids. It combines child-friendly features and cutting edge parental controls with pioneering technology and durable design.

50+ top apps preloaded
Tabeo comes fully-equipped with over 50 different apps for your child to choose from! From learning time to playtime, the preloaded app selection will give kids the chance to play games, read stories, solve puzzles and more.

parental controls

Help your child make great surfing decisions with
high-tech parental controls. Tabeo comes with flexible parental controls that allow for custom settings for up to eight users. Parents can even set time limits, ensuring that the tablet is only used during designated times!

7" multi-touch screen

Designed with both style and functionality in mind, Tabeo's 7" multi-touch screen will make gaming, reading and surfing the web easier than ever before. The fluid and fast response of the screen will have your child eager to learn and play on-the-go!

front-facing camera

Capture and share special moments with Tabeo's front-facing camera. With buttons made perfect for little fingers, taking pictures and videos will be easier than ever for your child. You can even send your favorite snapshots to faraway relatives!


Kid-friendly accessories help protect Tabeo while making it even more stylish! With a variety of protective cases and trendy earbuds, docks and more, kids will love personalizing their new favorite tablet.

4GB storage

store tons of apps with

the included 4GB of space.

• WiFi

enjoy books, games, music,
videos and photos everywhere.


with HDMI output you can enjoy
photos, videos & more on your TV
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