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February 25, 2018, 04:22:24 PM

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What do you get when you cross a baker with an astronaut? Just one of a few thousand clever combinations in the fun-filled mix and match game built around 10 occupations. Mix ‘em up for giggles, or make a match to unlock the adventures that will have your little learners wrangling cattle, flying rockets and grinning from ear to ear. When you’re ready for a whole new game, just switch to the interactive quiz mode and watch their reasoning skills improve, in a game within a game, wrapped in an app, loaded with learning adventures.

"This is a sweet app for toddlers. It's simplicity and age appropriate graphics make it a winner for the young crowd."
- The iPhone Mom (www.theiphonemom.com)

"If you're looking for a good game to entertain toddlers, Swapsies is an easy choice. They'll love the easy game play and stay busy for hours." - PadGadget (www.padgadget.com)

"My three year old giggled non stop when she created a Police DrNaut." -Tech Tools 4 Mom (www.techtools4mom.com)

• 10 different occupations
• Six customizable character (three girls/three boys)
• Thousands of possible combinations
• A fun activity for each occupation
• Interactive quiz mode with bonus round questions
• Accomplishment tracking
• Intuitive navigation
• Rewards sounds to create positive enforcement and encourage exploration.
• Retina screen support for iPhone and iPod Touch
• Large buttons for small fingers

By Spinlight

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