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June 27, 2017, 11:49:25 PM

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Technical Support

Please register to post your technical support questions here so the community can contribute solutions and help you get the most enjoyment from your tabeo.
  1. Broken charge ort
  2. somebody can help me?
  3. file
  4. Tabeo is stuck on start up screen
  5. Forgot Password
  6. antivirus
  7. Porn/Tabeo Problem.
  8. Tabeo will not charge
  9. Recovery mode
  10. Stuck In Safe Mode
  11. broken screen and loose charging port
  12. apps/web browsing blocked even though controls are set to allow
  13. tabeo is stuck at start screen.
  14. setting up parental control
  15. Tabeo will not connect to wifi
  16. Apps not running
  17. How to fix tabeo
  18. Google Play Store??? doesn't work
  19. FIXED! How to set Parental Controls!!!!!
  20. tabeo will not connect to my computer
  21. Factory Reset mistake.
  22. Has anyone actually gotten a hold of technical support???
  23. Parental Controls Account won't register
  24. Tabeo Store
  25. URGENT - Faster way to register and unlock parent control
  26. Is anyone happy with this?
  27. Successfully set up 2 tabeo2!!!!
  28. Stuck on Tabeo start screen
  29. has anyone set up two successfully?
  30. Where can I find my Tabeos Id number?
  31. Help!!!!!! How to sign out of Amazon
  32. wifi connection
  33. Customer Svc line is NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE
  34. cracked screen
  35. Apps disappeared
  36. Skype
  37. port on tabeo is loose
  38. No charging light
  39. Replacement tabeo tablet won't power on
  40. parental contol for app store
  41. new out of the box talking ben doesn't work
  42. new tabeo stuck on startup screen please help
  43. How can we make sensor recognize movement
  44. Startup trouble with tabeo
  45. Browser goes to Wikipedia only
  46. update doesn't work
  47. Downloaded Apps crash
  48. Flash websites
  49. Bluetooth Keyboard for tabeo

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